Akil Anand

Tried his stint in journalism and psychology but found his mind focusing in art. In 2008 he began Skni Customs, airbrushing bikes and cars, the first in Bangalore. But his true calling was tattooing, joining Skindeep in 2011. He specializes in amazing colour and water colour work. It comes naturally to him. !

Madan Varadarajan

A bachelor in business management, Baldwin Methodist College. A professional boxer with a bronze medal in the nationals. The first artist to join Skindeep way back in 2008, he takes stamina and dedication to a whole new level, his longest tattoo being 10 hours non-stop! Madan specializes in dot style mandalas and the illusion of skin appearing like stone. He still pursues his love for boxing and trains students in his leisure.


Began his career in art, airbrushing bikes in 2010. He slipped into the world of tattooing in 2011, joining Skindeep in 2013. He specializes in Polynesian and Celtic patterns. His hobbies being football and airbrush painting. !

Senthil Arcot Govindraj

The origin of skindeep! Senthil always had a flair for tattoos; it all began in 2002 when he got a tattoo of a sun on a footpath by a cobbler cum tattoo artist! It was terrible! Realizing then that Bangalore needed a good tattoo artist at a time when there were practically none, he began in full vigour to learn the art, making his own machines from electric shavers to sewing machines when there were no tattoo equipment dealers in Bangalore. He pursued art at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath, but found no medium to express himself like he could on skin, Skindeep was born in 2007.