” Heyy buddy Skin deep has been more addictive than most addictions and getting inked has never been more fun with the most creative bunch in town,
you guys just gave me a different perspective of art in pain, doing all the research and coming up with ideas and the end result has never been more satisfying. Fear of needles and blood is history after spending nearly 70hours and the artwork completed by Madan.
It’s still hard for people to believe the intricate work and level of detailing which was done in India. Hats off to the wonderful fun loving creative team to make everybody feel at home and when you are looking at such a satisfying end result, it’ll only make you overlook the pain. My words won’t do justice to their creativity, and their in depth knowledge and connection to the surreal world of tattoos. Addiction is an understatement!!! “

- Tushar Lalsan

” I got my first tattoo at Skindeep and I was extremely nervous and even confused about the design, placement etc. But the team at Skindeep just knows what to do and they get it right every time. They sat me down and helped me conceptualize my tattoo from scratch and made it look so beautiful. I haven’t looked back since then and now I have 4 unique tattoos and lots more to go! My friends, family and even colleagues love their work and have gotten inked at Skindeep. Their work speaks for itself. I couldn’t be happier that I chose them when I got tattooed. “

- Dolly Jain

” For me no matter in which corner of the world i am … if i ever want another tattoo it will be no other place than Skindeep.Not only are you guys perfectionist’s but you also make the entire journey from the conception to the final result a memorable one! “

- Sarbani Das

Visited this Awesome place with one idea, and got expert suggestion within no time wasted. Aravind, Sudarshan and then The Mr Perfect I would call him that’s John Shashi. Changed my plan although with half mind initially and agreed to them to go with other idea as per suggestion. Designs jolted out and printout was ready. Here we go it took close to 7 hours to get the final result(time including break) and throughout process John was composed calm and patient. No hurry no fuss just the result has to be perfect is the mindset these artist carry here, purely professional and above all excellent team work too. Until the final tattoo was ready every artist in team used to guide/applause. Even for the photo click, they give equal importance. Glad I got my best tattoo inked here. Thank u guys, will be back soon and couple of references already on ur way. Thanks John bro again ��cheers and All the best �

- Abhijith S Kotian

I have visited this studio several times, unfortunately never got inked myself. The next time I visit, I vow that its for me and nobody else! 🙂

Visited on the 5th of Feb 2017 with the idea of a lotus tattoo , got expert suggestions and were patiently given details about how the tattoo would turn out on the skin and the specific placement.

A big shout out to Syd for being extremely patient and focussed. And also for answering all my constant and repetitive questions. Thank you so much!, you made this an extremely memorable day for us.


- Nita Jagannath

Artist- Madan, you are the man. I went with a plan, a few pictures along the lines of what I wanted to get which Madan executed to perfection. Full marks to his professionalism, patience and execution of the plan. My half sleeve will soon be full sleeve and I wouldn’t want anyone inking it but Madan.

The Place- great ambience, neat and clean as what any tattoo studio needs to be and great chatter among artists which will keep u entertained especially if you have to spend 7 hours like I did. I never felt like it was my first time there.

Great job, Madan and rest of the brothers at Skin Deep ��

- Keerthan B Naik

I went in with an idea but never expected that it will turn upto this awesome tattoo. I really loved the ambiance of the place and the support and encouragement that these artists have for each other. I just loved my first tattoo experience…special credits to MURALl……a real calm head…who was so much dedicated that he was even ready to skip a meal for the tattoo. The tattoo as it turned out to be just superb bro. Thanks a lot for the attention you gave on each bit of detailing….yeah… it’s just a beginning and really would love to get inked more from you……
Thanks Murali…….��

- Krishna Prasad

This place is simply awesome…people over there make a very friendly environment…they helped me over choosing a better design than what I had in mind…the finishing of the tattoo is perfect..I would like to thank my tattoo maker Mr. ARVIN who did my tattoo in a shorter span of time which other tattoo studio takes…
Hope to visit again for another tattoo and I am gonna recommend to everyone guy who is planning to have a sexy tattoo..
Please visit this sexy studio..
Guys u’ll love it �

- Siddharth Jain

Firstly, I salute the guys for their awesome skills. Based on my friend’s advice, me and my friends thought of visiting here. One day we went in and we got shocked by seeing the people waiting over there. Then they approached us and the way they approach us really brought a smile on our face. The way they speak with us was purely like best friend talking to his best friend…then we came to know that why people wait here to get inked…we got inked by them beautifully(actually more than we expected). The patient and the calm mind that they have while inking is tremendous. I just love each and every artist of this studio. I will be visiting here not only for getting inked or at least to speak with u…thank u very much..

- Shivu Shivaraj

Loved the place and the atmosphere…I moved to Bangalore less than a month back, got a job and immediately decided to get my 2nd tattoo done…my artist was Kumar and I think he did a fantastic job! Here’s hoping that it heals well and best wishes to Skindeep Tattoo Studio.

- Souradeep Garg

I loved this place. I got two tattoos made super happy with them, as John helped me finalise the idea of a shoulder blade tattoo, they turned out to be absolutely awesome.

- Puja Ghosh

Okay first of all I love the ambiance of this place. The excellence of the art of each n every person here is extravagant. I personally trust them with their expertise. N the best part is I don’t have to explain much about what I want cos they always exceed my expectations. I’m personally very happy with the friendly atmosphere and the talent everyone has to offer will always surprise you and you can’t get enough of it. Thanks to Senthil n his team. I’m inked from them n I’m in love with all my tattoos n more to come up.. Special thanks to Babloo, Madhan n Chiraag who have inked the best tattoos ever � �

- Chetana Doddamani